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X Factor 2014 LIVE results: Find out which TWO acts will leave tonight

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Simon Cowell is close to pulling off a major X Factor coup by securing the ‘Queen of Pop’, Madonna, to perform on show’s live final.

But there’s just one small, sticking point – she will only play if she approves of the line-up of contestants who make the top three for the show on December 13.

Madge has never performed on any talent show, so it would be a big deal if Cowell gets the megastar on X Factor and help to boost her album sales before its release.

But the strings attached to the Material Girl crooner appearing mean she will have a huge say in who makes the final cut, especially if she’s going to be singing with one of them.

X Factor producers also apparently have requests of their own – namely, that Madonna’s team will have to pay for any stage props and backing dancers she brings along.


Even though X Factor beat Strictly in the ratings war on Sunday last week for the first time, the talent show is seriously flagging with viewers switching over in droves to watch BBC’s celebrity dancing competition.

ITV must be hoping that bringing in the big guns like Madonna will keep viewers interested in the live shows, but there’s eight more weeks to go before the grand finale.

Current favourite to win is Andrea Faustini, but will he be the one to perform an epic rendition of Vogue or Like A Prayer with the Queen herself?

8:01 pm

And we’re off!

Is anyone else wondering when this tiresome faux snarking between Cheryl and Simon will end?

Also I do enjoy Maroon 5 but I don’t think they understand what a ‘supergroup’ is. It’s not Maroon 5.

8:03 pm

Tonight’s performers are Maroon 5 and Jessie J.

Would that be the same Jessie J who slagged off the X Factor when she was a judge on The Voice UK?

No? Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps she doesn’t have a single to promote. Hmm.

8:05 pm

It’s a wonder that audience hasn’t lost their collective voice after all that elongated screaming.

Oh goody. It’s time for the group performance and it’s already peaked frankly.

They’re all very breathy tonight, aren’t they? Are they singing or making funny phone calls?

8:07 pm

This is my entire reaction to the group performance


8:10 pm

This is the first of about 35 segments where they show us half of last night’s show to encourage us to vote.

It’s a good job you can vote for free this year or I’d be a very unhappy bunny.

I started writing this post three weeks ago and I’m still waiting for them to get to the final performance of last night.

*twiddles thumbs*

8:11 pm

Do we think there’s a sweepstake behind the scenes for which contestant can look the most uncomfortable on screen?

Because I have about 36 suggestions, 35 of whom are in that one remaining boyband with the unlimited members.

Please send help.

8:14 pm

ITV / Reuters

Bea Arthur and Chloe Jasmine! In that order…  

I’ve just spotted Chloe again and it made me remember this.

Oh Bea Arthur, you would’ve been brilliant on Barry White week!

And now I want cheesecake.

8:18 pm

Where’s Ariana Grande?

Jessie J’s got a pair of lungs on her, hasn’t she?

But where’s Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj? They’re on the song too. DON’T LET US DOWN, JESSIE.

To quote the great philosopher Alaska: "I love Arianna Grande so much I want to order an Ariana Venti."

8:23 pm

Gossip from the studio!

“This is your five minute warning,” says Dermot and he struggles not to make it sound like a threat.

Though if you want some superfun behind the scenes gossip, the Mirror’s own Hannah Hope is down at the show now and Simon Cowell is getting the audience to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sinitta.

Though they’ve not mentioned her age. (Not a day over 21 FYI!)

Simon Cowell getting the audience to sing happy birthday to Sinitta. (No mention of her age – ha) #XFacfor

— Hannah Hope (@Hannah_3am) October 19, 2014

8:25 pm

Who do the judges think could be a recording artist?

Louis: Only The Young, Fleur East and Ben Haenow

Mel: Jake Quicken, Jack Walton, Paul Akister, Andrea Faustini

Cheryl: Fleur East, Lauren Platt and the rest of her girls

Simon: Basically everyone

Good night for Fleur!



8:28 pm

Maroon 5 are a bit good

I’m endlessly surprised at how high Adam Levine can get his voice, and then I remember who Adame Levine is and what he’s done in life and I’m not so surprised.

Luckily for him, his voice does things to the general public so even when he starts trilling about Jagger, people still think it’s amazing.

Also he survived Christina Aguilera, who once provided one of my favourite ever X Factor moments when she sang the house down against Rebecca Ferguson in 2010.

It was amazing.

Check it out here:

Video loading


8:36 pm

It’s time for the results! Eeek!

Two acts will be leaving tonight and now we’re about to find out which 11 (ELEVEN) acts are safe and then the bottom three will be left.

The one with the lowest votes will be gone and then the other two will battle it out in the sing off!

Err, yay!

8:37 pm

Fleur East and Only The Young are SAFE.

As are Paul Akister and Andrea Faustini, so EVERYONE has an act safe.

Now jay James and Lauren Platt are through to next week too.

8:39 pm

Stevi Ritchie safe and the world mourns

Yes, that’s right Stevi Ritchie and Jack Walton are through the next week’s shows.

Joining them to sing for their careers next Saturday will be Ben Haenow and fishmonger Lola Saunders.

Just four acts remain…

8:47 pm

Stephanie Nala eliminated!


Shaky: Stephanie Nala couldn’t impress all the judges  

Stephanie Nala has been eliminated from the X Factor!

The 20-year-old singer received the fewest public votes meaning that we say a sad farewell to her. BYE STEPH.

But Jake Quickenden is through so that’s something.

8:50 pm


Chloe Jasmine has already destroyed Fame, and Britney’s Toxic and now she’s going after Amy Winehouse’s legacy. NOT ON MY WATCH LADY.

Admittedly this song was The Shirelles but she’s singing it like Amy, only off-key and annoyingly.

This is how it should be done.

Video loading


8:52 pm

This is like Feed The World only with much worse singers.


Oh god, and now they’re crying.

8:59 pm

Chloe Jasmine eliminated from the X Factor


Sultry: Chloe Jasmine failed to impress all the judges  

Louis: "I’m sending home Chloe."

Cheryl: "I’m going to send home Stereo Kicks."

Mel: "This is so difficult. Based on that performance, I have to send Chloe home.

Simon: "You know what, here’s my issue, Chloe, I really really like you, I think you’re fun and different. You didn’t sing that great on the sing off then.

"Boys, Louis hasn’t got a clue what to do with you and that’s the problem because you’re talent. Working with a lot of people like that is difficult. OK, the artist who I think does have the most potential but… the artist I’m sending home is Chloe."

Which means that Chloe is going home.


9:01 pm

Chloe doesn’t seem super upset


X Factor  

Though Chloe didn’t seem that bothered about it, saying: "Oh, don’t worry about it darling, it’s fine. I was going to ask – can I be the ninth member of Stereo Kicks?"

Speaking to Cheryl, Chloe added: "You are absolutely wonderful, thanks for taking a chance on me, putting me on the live shows, you are an amazing and formidable woman."

Cheryl replied: "I’m absolutely gutted that we’ve lost her, I think we’ve lost an amazing character and the best was yet to come."

OK then, but you think the judges made the right decision?

Poll loading …


9:05 pm

Meanwhile on the Xtra Factor…

Louis is insisting that he HAS ‘connected’ with the boyband.

And Simon is defending getting rid of Chloe and Cheryl is FUMING. Actual fuming. But only with Simon, not with Vladmir the fan who’s just rang in to ask a coherent question.

That’s very unusual for this show.

Cheryl says she’s lost the ‘cool factor’.

9:07 pm

Chloe Jasmine’s MUM is speaking

Now Chloe’s mum is speaking and she’s just thanked Cheryl for ‘everything she’s done for my little girl’.

"I think Chloe Jasmine brought an awful lot to the this competition and she has got the X Factor."

Sorry to break it to you Mrs Chloe Jasmine’s mum, but she doesn’t and she hasn’t.

9:11 pm

Simon is STILL bickering with Cheryl and now callers

Nothing says ‘AMAZING TELLY’ like bickering quietly over pointless things.

No, do please continue Xtra Factor – it really is brilliant and thrilling to viewers.

Somewhere Konnie Huq is sat smugly watching this.

9:14 pm

This is where Chloe’s X Factor journey began – BEFORE she was posh

Video loading

‘Ultra posh’ X Factor contestant Chloe Jasmine is seen in a shockingly awful audition from 2006 – WITHOUT her trademark accent.

Our international model and topless aficionado is seen sporting bleached blonde extensions and a pink flashing cowboy hat in as she nervously stands in front of the judges.

It’s a huge difference to her 2014 audition where she glided in dressed to the nines in a black designer gown, sultry red lips and fashionable floppy hat.

X Factor

The singer, who claims to have had elocution lessons since the age of 11 to get rid of a lisp, is heard speaking with a more down to earth West Country accent.

Despite being only 16 at the time of her original audition, the wannabe says that she wants fame because "it’s easy".

The youngster then tries to wow original judges Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh with her rendition of Fugees cover Killing Me Softly.

Despite claiming to be inspired by the sounds of Motown and Mariah Carey, her audition was a very different story to her amazing blues and jazz performance from last night.

She sang a beautiful version of Black Coffee which blew the judges away.

Chloe Jasmine is no stranger to the limelight as she’s already appeared in Naomi Campbell’s modelling competition The Face which aired last year.

Images from a very NSFW topless photo shoot also recently surfaced showing just how comfortable Chloe is in front of the camera.


In her 2006 audition the fame-hungry blonde warbles away and the cameras pan to a visibly unimpressed Simon Cowell with his head in his hands while Louis Walsh just laughs.

Sharon kindly tells the yet-to-be star that she is just too young and is not yet ready for stardom.

While Simon says she sounds like she’s been "bred in a laboratory" refusing her a second chance performance and three resounding no’s.

Fast-forward to 2014 and we see completely different reactions from the four judges, who now include Cheryl Cole and Spice Girl Mel B, who says she likes her ‘posh accent.’

Video loading

It doesn’t take long for the Sloane ranger to drop in her apparent boarding school education as the reason for her super plummy tones.

The judges seem none the wiser that the model and qualified make-up artist seems to have duped them with her voice as she gets a big yes from each of the four judges.

Mirror Online has contacted an X Factor show spokesperson for a comment.

9:17 pm

Stephanie Nala and Chloe-Jasmine Whichello were given the boot from The X Factor tonight.

The 20-year-old beauty and the posh blonde were kicked off the ITV singing competition in a shock double-eviction after they failed to win over the audience with their performances last night.

Stephanie, who was in the sing-off last week against Overload Generation, was the first to be given the axe after she received the lowest number of public votes.

Chloe-Jasmine then took to the stage for the sing-off against Stereo Kicks but she failed to secure a place in next week’s show as judges Mel B, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell chose to save the eight-piece boy band.

Video loading


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, who chose to save Chloe-Jasmine in the sing-off, was visibly upset to lose two acts from her category in tonight’s programme.

Speaking afterwards, Chloe-Jasmine praised her mentor and thanked her for choosing to put her through to the live shows following a tough boot camp.

She said of leaving the competition just two weeks in: "Don’t worry about it! Cheryl, you are absolutely wonderful, thank you for taking a chance on me."

Cheryl will now focus all of her attention on her remaining girls, Lauren Platt and Lola Saunders, who are fighting to succeed in the competition.

Meanwhile, the results show also featured live performances from Jessie J and Maroon 5.

Video loading


9:19 pm

If you would like to blame someone for the fashions on the show…

This is the head stylist, who is currently defending the lack of 80s clothes on 80s weeks on the X Factor.

I have no words. NO WORDS.

9:38 pm

Here are a few video highlights from tonight’s show…

Video loading

Video loading

Video loading

Video loading

Video loading

Video loading


11:09 pm

X Factor cheat row: Simon Cowell and Mel B in furious bust-up over Fleur East ‘cheating’ comments

Simon Cowell and Mel B have taken their feuding on X Factor to another level – with a furious bust-up after Saturday’s show.

Cowell is said to be “incandescent” after fellow judge Mel claimed singer Fleur East “cheated” by having her backing vocals turned up.

Afterwards he refused to talk to the ex-Spice Girl. Mel locked herself in her dressing room for hours. The X Factor boss flipped because Mel questioned the integrity of the ITV show.

The row was sparked after Fleur, 26, performed her version of Monie Love’s It’s A Shame.

Video loading


Mel B told her: “I love the rapping, I love the whole look. My only thing is the chorus, I couldn’t hear your voice. It was  like cheating.”

Simon jumped to Fleur’s defence, saying: “You’re making the audience think this girl is cheating and that’s unfair. She’s not cheating.

"We put the backing vocals up because she was singing a different thing during the chorus.”

A source said: “Simon likes a lively panel but Mel took it too far.”

Mel’s “cheating” comments were cut from last night’s show, in which Chloe Jasmine was sent home after being in the bottom two with Stereo Kicks.

11:09 pm

One Direction’s Niall Horan asks Jessie J to MARRY him after her X Factor performance

A budding romance? Niall has got the hots for Jessie J  

Niall Horan has proposed to Jessie J over Twitter after her amazing performance on the X Factor elimination show.

Clearly overcome by her sheer hotness and incredible vocals, the One Directioner has fallen head over heels for the Do It Like A Dude singer.

And we think we can see why Niall may have fallen for her.

Video loading

Wearing a skimpy sparkly bodice with a leather crop top and hotpants, Jessie flaunted her trim figure as she danced around the stage in a pair of sky high black thigh high boots.

And she looked amazing.

@JessieJ marry me !

— Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) October 19, 2014  

Wearing her jet black hair loose, Jessie showed off her vocal acrobatics as she performed in front of two huge J’s that were engulfed in flames.

Performing the hit she shares with pop royalty Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, Jessie proved why she is one of the UK’s biggest pop stars at the moment.

She started off the performance with an acoustic guitar, before launching into the huge pop track showing no signs of jet lag – despite only touching down in London last night.


Earlier this week the 26-year-old displayed some questionable dance moves as she performed a preview of her new album Sweet Talker to fans in LA.

And while she kept the crowd happy with her energetic set and powerhouse vocals, the same could not be said for the Bang Bang singer when she appeared as a guest judge on the American talent show Dancing With The Stars.

Poll loading …

On Monday night, the former Voice UK coach made a prime time appearance on the show, but after repeatedly dishing out low scores to the star acts, the audience was left unimpressed with Jessie’s judging style.

Not known for her own dance moves, the singer even went as far as to describe one act as "uncomfortable".

But Jessie needs to be careful how she treads if she’s to crack America with her new music.

11:15 pm

Maroon 5 were a BIG hit with X Factor fans

Video loading


Maroon 5 have sparked a Twitter frenzy after fans took to the microblogging site to tweet about their X Factor performance.

Taking to the stage to sing their new track, Adam Levine and co belted out the catchy number in typical Maroon 5 style, with plenty of high notes thrown in for good measure.

And it seems their fans were more than happy to break up the results show with thousands of social media users commenting on just how good the band were.

Maroon 5 smashed that performance

— Ashley (@1AshleyJordan) October 19, 2014

Maroon 5 were amazing on the X Factor tonight. Adam Levine's voice is incredible #XFactor #Maroon5 #AdamLevine #notdisappointed

— Stephanie James (@Lil_Munchkin1) October 19, 2014

Maroon 5 are just too good

— ⠀ (@kidrxuhldrew) October 19, 2014

The band’s frontman took to the stage wearing a white leather jacket with red elbow patches and a pair of denim jeans, but there were no big light shows or gimmicks – just the band and their instruments.

They did give it their all though, and there was even some down-on-the-knees emotional stage singing from Adam as he showed off his spectacular voice.

But despite the positive reaction from Twitter, Maroon 5’s latest track has been at the centre of some controversy.

Poll loading …

Earlier this month Adam Levine was blasted by rape victim groups for his gruesome video which accompanied the single.

The Maroon 5 frontman, who plays a killer butcher in the promo clip is seen in a passionate embrace with Victoria’s Secret model and his wife, Behati Prinsloo, as the pair appear to be soaked in blood.

According to victims’ rights groups, the video glorifies rape and sends a dangerous message to fans.

Maroon5VEVO/YouTube Mirrordigital


f you haven’t seen it, hunky Adam lurks in the shadows, trailing a gorgeous woman he fansises about and photographs her while she’s asleep.

The Rape, Abuse Incest National Network is pretty riled up about the video and a spokesperson said: "No one should ever confuse the criminal act of stalking with romance."







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