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Pop Quiz | Nicholas Kirkwood, Kitsuné, The Chalhoub Group

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How well have you read your BoF this week? Test your knowledge of all of the latest news and analysis from around the world of fashion in our Pop Quiz, which covers Nicholas Kirkwood, Kitsuné, The Chalhoub Group and more.

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You can find the correct answer and detailed explanation for each question immediately following the question (simply highlight to read), along with all the answers at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

Question 1: Who said, “fashion needs more investment than music”?

a. Hedi Slimane
b. Gildas Loaëc of Kitsuné
c. Beyonce
d. Lady Gaga

Answer 1: Choice (b) is correct. “…fashion needs more investment than music,” explains Kitsuné founder Gildas Loaëc. Kitsuné’s fashion label now generates about 80 percent of the company’s overall revenue, with the music label driving the other 20 percent.

Question 2: Estée Lauder is to Le Labo as Coty is to ______.

a. Hourglass Cosmetics
b. Bourjois
c. By Terry
d. NARS Cosmetics

Answer 2: Choice (b) is correct. Estée Lauder recently purchased high-end niche fragrance brand Le Labo, and Coty recently purchased Bourjois from Chanel.

Question 3: All of the following are true of Nicholas Kirkwood the company EXCEPT _____.

a. Next year is the brand’s fifth anniversary.
b. It recently opened its first Chinese retail space within Beijing department store Shin Kong Place.
c. Its immediate focus is on increasing brand awareness.
d. Its revenues have quadrupled since 2012.

Answer 3: Choice (a) is correct. Next year will mark the brand’s 10th anniversary.


Question 4: Which retailer recently launched Snap. Find. Shop.?

a. Saks Fifth Avenue
b. Neiman Marcus
c. Zara
d. Old Navy

Answer 4: Choice (b) is correct. Last week, Neiman Marcus launched ‘Snap. Find. Shop,’ a visual search feature on their mobile app powered by Slyce.

Question 5: Who said, “Fashion has been locked up for like a hundred years”?

a. Simon Hogeman of Très Bien
b. Virgil Abloh
c. Shayne Oliver of Hood by Air
d. Kanye West

Answer 5: Choice (a) is correct. “Fashion has been locked up for like a hundred years,” acknowledges Simon Hogeman, a founder of Très Bien.

Question 6: Since 2009, Kitsuné’s total revenue has grown ____.

a. over 2x
b. over 4x
c. over 6x
d. over 8x

Answer 6: Choice (c) is correct. The last five years have been critical for the growth of the label. In 2009 Kitsuné’s turnover across the company’s music and fashion businesses was about $2.5 million. This year, revenue is set to hit $15.9 million, which is over 6x the 2009 figure.

Question 7: Analysts suggest which of the following strategies to turn around teen retailers?

a. Become more fashion-forward
b. Cultivate community and lifestyle
c. Develop digital channels
d. All of the above

Answer 7: Choice (d) is correct. Analysts suggest all three strategies to the teen retailers.


Question 8: What is the adoption rate of fitness trackers among US consumers?

a. 5 percent
b. 10 percent
c. 15 percent
d. 20 percent

Answer 8: Choice (b) is correct. Sales of fitness trackers reached 10 percent of US consumers.


Question 9: The values of The Chalhoub Group include _____.

a. Respect
b. Excellence
c. Entrepreneurial spirit
d. All of the above

Answer 9: Choice (d) is correct. The values established by the founder of The Chalhoub Group are Respect, Excellence and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Question 10: What percentage of Très Bien’s sales come from footwear?

a. 5 percent
b. 10 percent
c. 30 percent
d. 50 percent

Answer 10: Choice (c) is correct. According to Hannes Hogeman, one of Très Bien’s founders, footwear comprises about 30 percent of sales.


Answer Key: 1. (b) 2. (b) 3. (a) 4. (b) 5. (a) 6. (c) 7. (d) 8. (b) 9. (d) 10. (c)

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