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Pop Quiz | This Week’s Answers

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Answers to our Pop Quiz, which covers Penny Martin of The Gentlewoman, Sarah’s Bag, Fashion Revolution Day, and more.

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Answer 1

Choice (c) is correct. Entrepreneur Toni Scervino of Ermanno Scervino recently said, “The real tools of fashion are in Italy. And as long as we have fabrics, manufacturing and creativity, Milan Fashion Week will always remain at the forefront. However, we hope that, with the new government, politics could give more support to the fashion industry, a key for the future of the country’s economy.”

Answer 2

Choice (c) is the answer. In 2006, Tom Ford signed a private-label deal with Ermenegildo Zegna to produce his collection suits. Ermenegildo Zegna handles the manufacturing and logistics parts of the supply chain, while Tom Ford handles the fabric design, merchandising, and retail parts.

Answer 3

Choice (a) is correct. The Gentlewoman’s first cover featured Phoebe Philo, just as her first collection for Céline arrived in stores.

Answer 4

Choice (c) is correct. In 2012, UK consumers spent £44 billion on new clothing (about $74 billion), (£1,700 per household) leaving around 1.7 billion items (30 percent) hanging in the cupboard — or even left in its carrier bag — unworn.

Answer 5

Choice (d) is correct. All of the statements are true as private-label partnerships offer numerous advantages.

Answer 6

Choice (d) is correct.  When asked about when the company’s breakthrough occurred, Toni Scervino said, “It really was [this way] right from the beginning. Ermanno Scervino was created at a time when almost everyone [in Italy moved their] production abroad. Our intuition was to believe in the true ‘Made in Italy,’ taking over workshops that were struggling in the market at that time. Once we acquired them, we were able to utilise Ermanno’s artistic creativity, without altering the ancient tradition. From this point, the brand’s identity was born.”

Answer 7

Choice (b) is correct. All of the other statements are correct.

Answer 8

Choice (a) is correct. The trick Sarah’s Bag pulled off was evolving from cause to legitimate fashion brand, and that was only ultimately possible by putting the story second and the fashion first. In one of her newest markets, this approach is working. Natalie Kingham, buying director of Matches Fashion, cites the social element as the “second great reason” to work with Beydoun. And the first? “We only buy great fashion product that is beautifully made — so this is first and foremost.”

Answer 9

Choice (d) is correct. Gucci is introducing more expensive products and upgrading stores as it seeks to win back consumers, who are switching to brands they perceive to be more exclusive. Sales at Kering’s biggest brand, which rose 0.3 percent in the quarter on a comparable basis, should improve from the second half of 2014, analysts at Barclays and HSBC predict. Analysts predicted 0.5 percent first-quarter revenue growth for Gucci.

Answer 10

Choice (a) is correct. According to Penny Martin, editor-in-chief of The Gentlewoman, the overall editorial point of view begins with the woman and not the product. “I’m interested in what [The Gentlewoman] tells you about how modern women live, from the way they drink, dance, drive and speak to the way they sign their letters or conduct their divorces. We make sure that the magazine is not just a pornography of product that is supposedly interesting to women. It’s about putting those women at the centre of the material world around them. That balance is important to us.”

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