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We Autocorrected Fashion’s Biggest Names

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There are few things in modern technology that are as simultaneously helpful and infuriating as autocorrect. While I’m glad to have something to remedy the inevitable slip of a thumb whilst furiously texting, I have shaken a fist at the heavens many times while typing and retyping a name (or expletive) that IS CORRECT, only to watch it transform into a more commonplace word or phrase that my iPhone deems acceptable. But when they’re not happening to you, autocorrect fails are totally hilarious—which is why we decided to purposefully apply the technology to some of fashion’s top designer and model names, and witness the re-jumbled results.

Full disclosure: this is by no means a comprehensive list of the industry’s top dogs—after all, some fashionable folk have perfectly normal, iPhone-recognizable designations, while on the other end of the spectrum, some names are so foreign or complicated that autocorrect just gives up and slaps on a squiggly red line. This list is the handful that were modified—and gave us a chuckle.

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