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The Mystery of Skywire Walker Nik Wallenda’s Jeans Is Solved

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Photo: Courtesy Buffalo David Bitton

If you were watching Nik Wallenda, the tightrope walker who crossed the Grand Canyon yesterday live on the Discovery Channel, you probably had many questions. Besides the obvious one (“Is this guy insane?”), the biggest one I had–and this was shared by a lot of viewers, if Twitter is any indication–was: “Wait, is he wearing jeans? Flared jeans?”

Yes indeed he was, and despite internet conjecture that they were probably Wrangler, a brand has come forward to claim the jeans.

They are Buffalo David Bitton’s “Six” jean, which go for $99. According to a release, Wallenda told radio DJ’s Scott and Todd from WPLI Radio,”I was wearing Buffalo Jeans which is my favorite brand of jeans. They are very, very comfortable and they are just perfect for walking the wire.” On Buffalo’s website, the jeans are described as “roomy,” but they sure didn’t look that way, except at the cuff where they were flapping with every hint of a breeze. I was sure Wallenda was going to trip on them and topple to his death. Anyway, according to Buffalo, the Six jean will now henceforth be called the “Nik.”

In addition to all the Twitter analysis about Wallenda’s praying (seriously, he kept up a dialogue with Jesus for 20 minutes up there on the wire) and how hot his wife is, those jeans probably garnered the most tweets. Here are some of my faves:

• #Skywire is a victory for courage, perseverance, and dad jeans.–‏@RoFloESPN

• The most incredible thing about the #skywire has got to be Wallenda’s mom jeans.–@JasonIsbell

• Are those Pajama Jeans? Because I would even support those at this point.–‏@EWTimStack

• He’s doing fine but his jeans are looking very distressed #bootcut–@ceejoyner

• The #skywire has to be the greatest athletic accomplishment while wearing blue jeans since Brett Favre’s wranglers commercial.–@CaseyPrattCSN

• “These Old Navy jeans, Jesus and this long pole are all I need” #skywire #fakequote–‏@ariejr

• WHY IS HE WEARING JEANS. WHY did his wife let him do this. Wow. Wow wow. Amazed/terrified.–@BrooklynDecker

• Shouldn’t he be wearing True Religion jeans?–@UNTRESOR

For his next stunt, Wallenda wants to walk across two skycrapers in New York City. They better be inviting the fashion press this time.

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