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Wildfox’s Failure to Proofread Is Ruining My Wardrobe

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WIERD, right?

Yesterday, while contemplating my deeply regretted decision not to purchase this swimsuit from Wildfox (ugh why why why), I began absent-mindedly perusing the California-based brand’s more current offerings in the hope that some other list of random words and phrases printed on an overpriced cotton tee would resonate with my unique unicorn lifestyle.

Example: “Rainy days splashing in puddles / Picking flowers in Griffith Park / Malibu parties on warm nights / Hot dogs & baseball games”
“Morning sunrise / Crisp, white sheets / Run on the beach / Pina colada”

I settled on one called the “New Years Resolution” sweatshirt that seemed to fit my various (and apparently predictable) 20-something interests quite well: “Drink less / Kiss more / Deep sea dive / Tropical vacation / Adopt a pet / Stay weird.”

Only that’s not what it said: Two minutes after I’d posted it on Facebook with my traditional “I think I need this” caption, a sharp-eyed friend of mine pointed out in the comments that the word “weird” on the shirt was misspelled as “wierd.” WEIRD, right?

I did a little digging and found that two other versions of the print, one on a tote bag and another on a children’s top, had “weird” spelled correctly — so clearly Wildfox wasn’t being wierd intentionally.

Naturally, I was quite disturbed! As a writer and copy editor, could I really bring myself to wear clothing bearing a blatant typo? Probs not. What about the millions of little boys and girls who look to me as a wily defender of the written word? How could I possibly explain this to them?

Dont just lay there, Wildfox… learn your grammar, please.

And so, putting my perfect imperfect shirt aside, I began the search for a replacement. But the more I looked, the more unfortunate grammatical errors I stumbled upon. One top, the “Message In a Bottle Tahiti Tunic,” includes the line “Love it here, dont look for me.” Kudos on the comma usage, Wildfox, but for a thin cotton-poly tee costing $68, would it have pained you to add an apostrophe — or use spellcheck, for that matter?

Another, the “California Baggy Beach Jumper,” is printed with the phrase “laying on the warm sand” — which, just… UGH come ON Wildfox. If we’re going along with the cost effectiveness excuse here (which is surely the reason the brand left out that apostrophe earlier), using the correct word, “lying,” would’ve actually required the use of fewer printed letters — and caused a whole lot less heartache for those of us who care about grammar and looking cute.

So please, Wildfox: Next time you send out a graphic to be printed onto zillions of costly cotton tops, please consider engaging in a little friendly proofreading first. It’s really not such a wierd request, now is it?

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